Memorable and striking photography comprises many facets, the most important of which is the rapport between the subject and the photographer. Images convey much more than a visual aesthetic. They inform the onlooker of the emotion, power and atmosphere of the moment. As a photographer I want to be immersed in that moment.

With regards to the performing arts I want the performer to exude all the passion that is within, and for that passion to translate to the viewer. As much as my role is to get the timing and the technical side right, it is also to elicit the best performance I can, and that can only be achieved with a performer who is at ease and brimming with confidence.

Wedding photography is a different discipline. My aim is to capture the atmosphere and detail of the day. Candid shots inform the emotional narrative whilst a sympathetic and insightful approach to the ceremonial aspects encapsulate the tradition and spirituality.

Fees are very competitive and tailored to each individual shoot. Contact me with the details of your event or photo-shoot requirements. I offer a full range of prompt editing services. Corporate and portrait photography also covered.

You can contact us using the e-mail link or the telephone number on the left. 

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